AgFood Digital Hub

Innovation ecosystem for agribusiness in Brazil

MTP - Accelerating disruptive Startups to feed Brazil and the world

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Innovation Hub

Connecting startups, producers, universities, large companies, investors, among other actors in the agribusiness innovation ecosystem. Come accelerate your innovation with us!

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Education - Research - Investments

Parternships - Entrepreneurship - Innovation

Network environment dedicated to disruptive innovation for startups, investors and large companies, which have the purpose of accelerating innovation in agribusiness to feed Brazil and the world.

The AgFood Hub, through its network of partners, can offer adequate infrastructure for testing and applying new technologies. With our acceleration arm and go-to-market strategy plus a qualified network of mentors and investors, we were able to move the startup from point A to B quickly with exponential growth.

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Be a digital resident and interact with the leading global agtech and foodtech entrepreneurs, as well as being connected with major corporations, producers and leading universities, which together are changing and transforming the entire Brazilian landscape with disruptive products and services.

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Be part of the largest agribusiness innovation ecosystem by transforming your business with disruptive models, along with partners and top agtechs, that are driving agribusiness globally.

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Our innovation ecosystem for agribusiness


Generate connections for knowledge exchange and enhance business generation in the innovation ecosystem.


On the hub you'll find training in exponential technologies, entrepreneurship and innovation management.


With renowned experts and innovative methodologies, AgFood Ventures Hub can move your business from point A to point B quickly and consistently.


Organizing events, inside and out of the hub, empowers business and foster knhowledge dissemination.


Accelerating startups, connecting them to big companies and accelarating corporations, as well.


Investing in startups and co-investing with angels, VCs funds and corporations - CVCs.


Smart Money Mentoring with a network of renowned AgFood Ventures Hub mentors made up of actors from Tripple Helix.


AgFood Hub has a qualified network of global partners that can contribute to the exponential growth of our customers.

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AgFood Digital Hub is an AgFoodVentures Initiative

Today, through its team's expertise and networking, AgFoodVentures is able to bring together the largest communities of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation globally and leverage its network and data intelligence to solve the demands of corporates.

"Innovation comes from the meeting of minds and ideas and execution. The hub promotes this meeting, providing opportunities for maturity, selection and accelerating the entrepreneur's success"

Hélio Costa

Head of Innovation

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